Classic Strapless Dress Full Coverage Bra

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For All Seasons;

Sizes Available for B/C/D Cups, Band Size 75cm-110cm.

Wireless Strapless Bra with Thin Padding.

Underware for Formal Dress


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Bra Details:

  • Sizes Available for B/C/D Cups, Band Size 75cm-110cm.
  • Full Coverage Strapless, 4 hooks fastening in back.
  • Fabric: nylon
  • Colors: Black, Apricot
  • Hand wash recommended.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg

Cup:US-AA ABC/EU-ABCD Band:US34/EU75, Cup:US-AA ABC/EU-ABCD Band:US36/EU80, Cup:US-AA ABC/EU-ABCD Band:US38/EU85, Cup:US-D/EU-E Band:US36/EU80, Cup:US-ABC/EU-BCD Band:US40/EU90, Cup:US-D/EU-E Band:US38/EU85, Cup:US-ABC/EU-BCD Band:US42/EU95, Cup:US-D/EU-E Band:US40/EU90, Cup:US-ABC/EU-BCD Band:US44/EU100, Cup:US-D/EU-E Band:US42/EU95, Cup:US-ABC/EU-BCD Band:US46/EU105, Cup:US-D/EU-E Band:US44/EU100, Cup:US-ABC/EU-BCD Band:US48/EU110, Cup:US-D/EU-E Band:US46/EU105


Black, Apricot



Band Size

US:32~40/EU:70~90, US:42 & Above/EU:95 & Above


Apricot, Black

How to measure yourself?

Measure yourself with the method giving below to get the bust size and band size (underbust).

Use those size afterwards to find your size on SizeFitsMe size chart!


SizeFitsMe Full Size Chat

For example:

If your bust size is 106.5cm, band size is 92.5cm, difference between Bust and Band is 106.5cm – 92.5cm = 14cm, then your bra size on SizeFitsMe chart is 95C.

Important note for International Customers!

As there are quite different standards for every country and region. We suggest you make the measurement again and choose the size according to our size chart to get the best fit.

Any assistance needed? Please contact



Bra fit checklist

Now that you know your right bra size, let’s double-check that your bras are fitting you correctly.



The band is the main support feature of your bra, so it is important that it fits well. When you buy a new bra, fit it to the loosest row of hooks, so you can tighten it as the elastic loosens over time and washings.

Is the band secure but not too tight? If you can’t fit a finger between the bra band and your body, the bra is too tight.

Is the band too loose? If there are gaps at the bottom of the cup, the band is too loose and the bra will ride up.


Center Gore

Does the center gore (the area between the cups) lie flat?

Can you stick a finger under the center gore? The center gore should be tighter than that to keep your breasts from slipping out the bottom.



Are there “empty spots” in the cups of your bra? The cups should look full and smooth. If there are pockets in the fit, you need a smaller cup size.

Is there spillage on the sides (under your arms) or over the top of the cups? If so, you need a larger cup size or a bra design with more cup coverage and/or higher sides.

If you wear an underwire bra, is the underwire flat against your chest? If the underwire is riding up, you need a larger cup size. If it is pinching or poking, you need to buy a new bra.



Look for adjustable straps so you can tighten the strap over time as the elastic loosens.

Do the straps rest comfortably on your shoulders without pinching or digging? You don’t want to see a reddish strap imprint when you take your bra off at the end of the day. Adjust the straps, switch to convertible straps, or try a different band size.

Do the straps slip off your shoulders? If adjusting the straps doesn’t fix the problem, toss the bra. Either the elastic has lost it or you need a different size.

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Return Policy

Due to the particularity of underwear products, we do not provide return or exchange services, please carefully select and purchase.


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