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There are quite different experiences women have been having with bras, as there are so very many different bra styles. Obviously, not every bra is going to work for every person.

For me, the bra I bought from sizefitsme was a great choice, and I’m so glad I gave it a try. My size is quite large which is hard to find such large size in other stores. At the beginning I was afraid to have the wrong size, with the help of the team, I finally got the size fits me well. Just like the store name)! The design looks perfectly for everyday wear, and it is quite comfortable and cool in summer days. 

Highly recommended.

Marian Katty

The everyday bra for the big busted…

I love this bra! If you are big busted and are searching for the bra that can hang as long as you do, then this is the bra for you!

But when made the order, you should be very careful about the sizes on site. They are not always the same as you bought from other brands. Make a measurement is highly recommended.

This is my go to bra for every day, you can wear with almost any t-shirt, sweater, or dress. But absolutely the best feature is that this is my preferred 18-hour bra that survives the day with me and can be used for sports in a pinch. If you need a versatile, medium coverage bra with special sizes, then definitely consider this store!

Jenny Core
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